Jake Ejercito’s daughter Ellie has hilarious response when asked to get Hidilyn Diaz’s autograph


Jake Ejercito’s unica hija is back with the “savage” text replies.

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The actor couldn’t help but share Ellie’s reply when he found out that the 10-year-old would be meeting the country’s Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz. 

“Me, mommy and Philmar will see Hidilyn Diaz tomorrow,” Ellie texted her dad in Manila.  

When Jake asked what their meeting was for, he received a series of “I don’t know” replies from her and former partner Andi Eigenmann’s daughter.  

Since Ellie was meeting the country’s weightlifting legend, Jake just had to ask her daughter to get Hidilyn’s autograph for him.  

“Did you get my autograph?” Jake reminded after his daughter sent a snap of her and Hidilyn.  

Ellie’s straightforward yet comical response was a flat “no”. 

The celebrity dad shared their cute conversation on Twitter with the caption: “nopes.” 

Jake has been fond of sharing his funny text conversations with his daughter online and netizens couldn’t help but gush at their adorable relationship.

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It was in March of last year when the 31-year-old first shared how their “long distance relationship” is filled with Ellie’s short and sweet replies.  

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