Bea Alonzo shares health issues


In her most recent YouTube video where she celebrated her hard work on her fitness journey, Bea Alonzo shared her health issues that affected her weight loss.

The actress opened up on how she decided to kickstart a healthy lifestyle once again after gaining 20 pounds of “quarantine weight” last year.  

Bea said she made the decision to lose weight back in January. She even said yes to endorse a brand that would require her to look fit.  

The 33-year-old didn’t take on the journey alone — she invested in a trainer and nutritionist to keep her in check.  

Bea’s nutritionist put her in a calorie deficit which started at 1,800 calories per day. Now that she’s been in a deficit for long time, she only eats 1,200 calories every day.  

In a conversation with her trainer Jay, she revealed that she is also dealing with hormone problems that made her weight loss journey slower than usual.  

“I am also dealing with problems with my hormones that actually is a big setback sa pag lose ng weight,” she said. 

Bea was also proud to share that since January, she has already lost 15 pounds.  

Watch Bea’s workout routine here: 

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