Kathryn Bernardo’s Indonesian fans plant 266 trees in actress’ name


Kathryn Bernardo’s fans in Indonesia surprised the actress with a good deed.  

The actress’ fans in Indonesia, the KaDreamers Indonesia, had 266 tress planted in their idol’s name.  

On Twitter, the group shared the photos of the new trees planted along with a banner that indicated that the trees were “from Kathryn Bernardo x Kadreamers Indonesia for the Earth”. 

Their group earned praises from Kathryn as she reposted their tweet on her personal Twitter account.  

While on Instagram, Kathryn’s longtime boyfriend Daniel Padilla thanked the group for their effort.  


The 266 trees were planted in Kampung Laut, Cilacap in Indonesia.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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