Dawn Zulueta embraces short and silver hair


“No better hair colorist than Mother Nature.” 

Dawn Zulueta is absolutely stunning as she sported her silver and shorter hairstyle.  

On social media, the veteran actress said that since posting photos of her silver hair, she took on the challenge to go “au naturel”. 

The 52-year-old shared photos showing the before and after of her hair transformation.  

“I am so pleased with the outcome… especially since I have cut it as short as I have always been dying to do but never could because of the demands of my work,” she opened up.  

Dawn added that life is too short to postpone her dreams. “I love my new normal and I am owning it,” she said.  

It was in May of last year when she first shared her self-challenge to keep her hair natural during the lockdown.  

“Almost 3 inches of my silver hair is visible now.. I’m challenging myself not to do hair color while under #quarantine #lockdown. Let’s see how long I can bear it,” she wrote in the caption.  

Seems like Dawn is enjoying this journey since it’s already been a year since she took on the challenge! 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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