Leila Alcasid shares how she’s dealing with eating disorder, body image issues


Leila Alcasid recently opened up about her “long and frustrating” history with an eating disorder — and her new way of looking at herself and her body.  

On Instagram, Ogie Alcasid’s eldest daughter with Michelle van Eimeren was happy to share that she is slowly learning how to be kind to herself.  

“Over the last few years I’ve received lots of messages asking about my weight loss and how I managed it and I never really knew how to answer,” the 23-year-old said.


The singer-songwriter then opened up that she has had a “long and frustrating history with an eating disorder”. 

“Always trying intense diets and depriving myself rather than providing the nourishment I really needed. I could never give a proper answer as to how I lost weight, because I didn’t want anyone else to be so cruel to themselves,” she wrote.  

She revealed that over the last five years, her weight has been fluctuating and even ruled her life.  

What also contributed to her struggle was being under the public eye and witnessing the many comments of people on social media about her body. 

“Now, I am at a place where I can say I love my body regardless of the bumps, curves, and stretch marks. I move to feel strong, and eat to feel nourished. I still struggle, like anyone else but I’m working on it and I’m proud of myself.” 


The Better Weather singer then reminded her followers not to compare themselves to other people on social media.  

“Remember that you are strong and beautiful. Life is too short,” she ended.  

Under her post, Leila received encouraging comments from her friends and family. Her stepmom Regine Velasquez expressed how proud she is of her stepdaughter.  

“No matter what other people say to us both your moms’ and dad’s YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN not just on the outside but most importantly on the inside,” Regine said.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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