Model reacts after Pope Francis’ Instagram account allegedly liked her sexy photo


Pope Francis’ official Instagram account allegedly double-tapped a sexy model’s photo on Instagram. 

On her own Instagram account, Brazilian model Natalia Garabotto shared to her 2.3 million followers a screen recording of the pontiff’s Instagram with the handle Franciscus “liking” a risqué pic she posted in October. 

The photo showed the model wearing a revealing outfit that flaunted her booty. 

“On this very day I was blessed, you could be too✨,” wrote Garabotto in an Instagram post last Saturday.

Reacting on Twitter, Garabotto said: “At least I’m going to heaven.”

It is, however, unlikely that the Pope himself handles his Instagram account.

There’s also no way of knowing if the page admin had indeed tapped the heart button by mistake since the photo has been “unliked” as of writing. No statement has been issued on the matter.

Pope Francis’ social media accounts are currently among the most influential and most followed of all world leaders, according to Twiplomacy‘s 2020 study.

His Twitter account @Pontifex operates in English, Spanish, Polish, Latin, German, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese and French with a combined following of more than 52 million.

On Instagram, he is the eighth “most followed” and “most effective” world leader with more than seven million followers to date.

The head of the Catholic Church previously offered a prayer for Typhoon Ulysses victims in the Philippines in a tweet. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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