#Bolzart: Nico Bolzico has netizens laughing with his ‘portrait’ of wife Solenn Heussaff


Nico Bolzico gave his fans and followers their dose of laughter with his “unique” artwork featuring his wife Solenn Heussaff.

The Argentinian businessman on Tuesday morning shared a photo of his charcoal pencil drawing with Solenn herself in the background.

“We are all artist inside; we just need the right inspiration,” Nico began his Instagram post.

The comical husband of Solenn explained that he “felt inspired looking at my wife drinking her coffee,” so he thought of immortalizing the moment.

Nico even shared the medium he used for his wife’s portrait.

“All I needed was a piece of paper, a dark black charcoal pencil number 2 and my forever muse!”

He added, “We will not be inspired every day, but when we are, we should take advantage, and today I did.”

Nico went on to inform his followers that his artwork is not for sale.

“Before my DM gets flooded let me tell you that the artwork is not for sale, this is something that will stay in the family probably for generations, it is the beginning of an era, before was #Mozart and now it is #Bolzart,” he said in jest.

He also incuded the hashtags #ArtMyPassion #Drawing #Inspired #BlessedWithTalent #ArtistsAtHeart #UniqueArt #CharcoalPencilFan for his masterpiece.

And like a “pro” sharing his tips, Nico shared, “I like to use Dark Black Charcoal Pencil Number 2 for the shades mostly and A4 Paper.”

The real virtual artist Solenn has not reacted yet to the #Bolzart, but netizens and fellow celebrities had a laugh over Nico’s hilarious post. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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