WATCH: Scarlet adorably disrupts Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho’s romantic plans on Father’s Day


Beauty doctor Vicki Belo had planned something romantic for husband Hayden Kho on Father’s Day, only to be “ruined” by an adorable third-wheeler — their daughter Scarlet Snow.

In a video Vicki shared on her Instagram stories, she can be seen asking her five-year-old daughter’s permission to have a romantic dinner date with Hayden at home.

“What if your daddy and I have a date, and eat dinner alone?” she said.

Scarlet Snow, however, was quick to protest, “No! Father’s Day will be destroyed because I’m not with Daddy.”

Credit: Instagram/@victoria_belo

Vicki then tried to explain to her daughter that “we need to be romantic naman” but eventually conceded that she couldn’t resist the wishes of her daughter.

“Hindi kaya ng powers ko,” Vicki admitted. “We will have dinner with Scarlet because it’s Father’s Day, not wives’ day.”

She said that it didn’t matter if her romantic plans fell through.

“Sira ang plano ko. Trying to be romantic and having a date with her dad, and she won’t… And she’s sleep pa with us tonight. Okay lang, we love Scarlet.”

In a separate post, Vicki shared that she was the one who got a special treat on what was supposedly her doctor-husband’s special day.

“After 15 years of being together, I’ve finally convinced Hayden to play again,” she captioned a video post of Hayden playing. “I’m so happy that you’re playing again. Happy Father’s Day.”

The man of the house acknowledged the romantic surprise cooked up by his “ever sweet wife” and “always-welcome third-wheeler.”

He wrote, “Capping Father’s day with a romantic surprise dinner by my ever-sweet wife and always-welcome third-wheeler, @scarletsnowbelo. Happy Father’s Day to all of us, dads!”

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