DJ Loonyo makes TikTok video after viral comments on mass testing, face mask use


DJ Loonyo has addressed his critics with a new TikTok dance video.

The internet star became the talk of the town this week following controversial statements on mass testing and face mask usage.

During an online discussion, he wrongly likened “mass testing” to clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines and wearing face masks for prolonged periods to inhaling poison, which “makes the immune system weak”.

The claims didn’t sit well with netizens, some of whom told DJ Loonyo to just focus on his dancing instead of airing out his opinions.  

In the video shared on his social media platforms on Thursday, DJ Loonyo danced to the beat and lyrics of  Loonie and Quest’s Tao Lang. 

“Sabi nila, ‘Mag TikTok ka na lang,'” wrote DJ Loonyo in the video. 

The one-minute video also included definitions and a bit of information about mass testing and clinical trials. 

“Don’t get me wrong, I said some wrong things, pero tama na ang hate, continue nating ang pag-educate,” he said.

“It only takes one spark to light up the dark,” he added.

The video has reached 160,000 reactions and one million views under 24 hours. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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