Kris Aquino issues warning after ‘super bad’ allergic reaction, hand injury


Kris Aquino explained the cancellation of a Facebook live session she promised followers after suffering from a severe allergic reaction and hand injury. She hoped that what happened to her will serve as a “warning”.

“Sorry hindi natuloy our other FB Live sessions… WARNING: don’t swipe to the next two pictures if you’re not okay seeing swollen eyes na parang nakipag sparring ako kay Ronda Rousey,” the TV host-actress said in an Instagram post on Tuesday, trying to describe her look to having been in a round with the US female pro wrestler.

The swollen eyes, it turned out, were caused by an allergic reaction to a pain reliever she took to supposedly treat her migraine. The swelling nearly lasted for a week.

“Last Sunday, I drank the wrong pain reliever for my migraine — the result? Super bad allergic reaction and five days before swelling finally subsided,” Kris said. 

“INGAT please — let what happened to me be the warning,” she added.

The former presidential sister also shared that she sustained a hand injury while trying to adjust an electric fan stand. 

“Last picture is my left hand because this afternoon I tried to be independent; I was adjusting the electric fan stand to lower it.

“Malay ko ba na pwedeng biglang bumagsak na lang yung buong fan and naipit na ko — OUCH. 

“Since hindi talaga pwede sa pain relievers and anti inflammatory meds, I’m using helichrysum essential oil… Nurse Mona made a splint because ang hirap to straighten my hand, may mga naipit na ugat kaya up to my elbow yung kirot.”

To end her post, she reminded her followers to stay well. “Wishing all of you good health & will try to do another FB session soonest. God bless you all.”

In the comments section, Kris likened her hand injury to “pins and needs sa elbow — violet na yung mga naipit na ugat.”

She also said that she had a nurse with her but it so happened she went home to visit her family.

Nevertheless, Kris reassured worried friends, “My medicine is now fixed — there’s weekly pill cases, color coded.”

A netizen criticized the timing of her post by commenting, “Did you die? NO! Keep it to yourself. It’s COVID-19 pandemic time, please,” to which Kris calmly responded, “I had promised 3 more FB Live sessions with sharing for those in need — I explained why hindi natuloy.”

Previously, Kris had admitted that she has an autoimmune disease that makes her allergic to “every single medicine that can cure you.”

In a past Instagram post, she also opened up about being severely allergic to several types of medication since childhood. “Environmental allergens started triggering what I thought was just allergic rhinitis, sore throat, and skin asthma in my late 20s.” 

Kris and her two sons Josh and Bimby are presently staying at a resort in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro to spend the lockdown.

During the start of the Enhanced Community Quarantine in Luzon, they were hosted at the private resort of family friend and TV host Willie Revillame but later on moved to another place following Bimby’s health scare.

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