Toni Gonzaga says ‘No. 1 basher’ taught her to be unaffected by hate comments


If you’re wondering why Toni Gonzaga seems unaffected by online bashing, she has her “No. 1 basher” to thank for.

She’s referring to none other than her sister Alex Gonzaga, whom she also described as her “No. 1 supporter.”

This revelation came out when their childhood memories and sibling relationship were tackled during the sisters’ appearance in a Facebook Live session of The 700 Club’s Kapit Lang, hosted by Sonjia Calit-Kakilala, on Wednesday.

When Toni was asked about her biggest career break, she said it was her hosting stint in the Kapuso noontime show Eat Bulaga. But Alex disagreed, saying that her biggest break was her now-iconic “I love you, Piolo!” TVC.  

“Akala nga ng tao yun ang biggest break ko pero feeling ko yun lang yung… Baka siguro yun. Yun ba Catherine?” Toni replied, calling Alex by her real name.

She continued, “Hindi ko na alam eh kung anong biggest break talaga kasi andami ko na na-try na hindi naman nag-work. So kung nag-work yun baka yun na nga.”

Alex offered, “Nung pumunta ka sa Star City, yun ang biggest break mo, hehehe!”

The sisters then jokingly debated, as Toni insisted it was Eat Bulaga while Alex maintained that it was the softdrink TVC.

Until Toni gave up, saying, “Dahil sa ‘I love you, Piolo!’ Okay! Okay, Catherine. Sorry kung may nasabi akong mali. Na-offend ka ba? Mali ba yung nasabi ko Catherine? Hehehe!”

Then Toni told host Sonjia, “Kasi alam mo siya (Alex) talaga yung ano No. 1 supporter ko noon.”

Alex then added, “Bago pa magka-basher yan ako na yung No. 1 basher niya.” 

Toni agreed, “Kaya yung mga basher ngayon hindi na tumatalab sa akin dahil bata pa kami ay yung basher ko kaharap ko na…nandito lang naman. Wala akong nagawang maganda dyan sa isang ‘yan.”

When asked on the biggest challenge she has encounter so far in her career, Alex said, “Siguro yung greatest challenge ko is siya yung kapatid ko hehehe! Ang ate ko yung greatest challenge ko. Siguro nasakto lang na pareho pa kami ng industriya na napasukan pero although siya naman ang nauna.”

“Syempre nung pumasok ako sa industry parang lagi ang tingin nalang sakin is kapatid ni Toni Gonzaga. Parang yun nga ang pangalan ko sa industry, Kapatid ni Toni Gonzaga,” she explained.

Nevertheless, Alex who has also established herself as a successful vlogger readily acknowledged that she feels “blessed because of my sister.”

One thing she learned from her is the work attitude. “Yun naman ina-admire ko sa ate. Talagang grabe yung patience niya and perseverance niya talaga. Pag nagustuhan niya yung isang bagay, talagang yun yung talagang tatapusin nya at yun yung tinuro niya sakin.”

Whether on TV or in social media, the amusing “love-hate” relationship between the Gonzaga sissums Toni and Alex is something what their fans love about them. And like other siblings who enjoy getting on each other’s nerves, one thing is also sure for them — they are there for each other no matter what.

Alex came to her Ate’s rescue just a few weeks ago and defended Toni from a basher who posted a hate comment against her. (READ: Alex Gonzaga defends sister Toni from netizen’s ‘Teddie walang kwenta’)