WATCH: These DJ Loonyo dance videos all have over 10 million views on Facebook


Rhemuel Lunio, more popularly known as DJ Loonyo, has emerged as today’s hottest dancing sensation.

The 28-year-old dancer-choreographer is the founder of the dance group Rockwell. He is also the newly appointed CEO of a fitness studio in Hangzhou, China.

Apart from his good looks, his dance moves that are perfect for the Tiktok craze have entertained many netizens, especially during this time of quarantine.  

His dance cover videos on his Facebook page would reach millions of views within a few hours after the upload. 

He specifically gained momentum with his Fight Song challenge which is dedicated to the frontliners battling the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

We have collected DJ Loonyo’s dance videos that have each surpassed over 10 million views on Facebook.

Loovana Challenge

DJ Loonyo’s dance cover of Ivana song brought kilig to his and Ivana Alawi’s fans. He is being shipped by fans with the sexy Kapamilya actress after the latter enlisted his help for the viral boyfriend prank she pulled on her mother.

Like That Challenge 

DJ Loonyo’s suave moves in this dance cover garnered a heaping 12 million views. Like That by Dojo Cat is a popular Tiktok dance.

Mashup Challenge

In this popular two-minute video, DJ Loonyo and his colleagues dance to a mashup of OPM songs including Tala, Come Vibe With Me and Miracle Nights.

Mamma Mia Challenge

DJ Loonyo also grooved to the ’70s popular hit song Mamma Mia by Swedish pop group ABBA. This dance challenge is currently the most-watched video of DJ Loonyo with 13 million views.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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