Kris Aquino reveals why she and her kids are now in isolation


Kris Aquino revealed that she decided to isolate herself and her family after her youngest son Bimby fell sick due to pneumonia.

“I made the conscious decision to isolate ourselves, we found a friend and she kindly allowed us the use of their spare room, separate from their family’s area,” said the 49-year-old mom of two boys — Joshua, 24 and Bimby, 12 — in an Instagram post on Friday.

“Nag magandang loob na si Willie, nakakahiya kung may mahawa pa sa masamang ubo and pneumonia ni Bimb. The three of us are the only family we have now kaya walang iwanan,” she added.

Earlier, the former TV personality posted that she was spending the month-long quarantine, which has been imposed by the government on Luzon to stem the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread in the country, at the private resort of Willie Revillame. She and the kids were even fetched by a private helicopter going to the property of the TV host. (READ: Kris Aquino spends community quarantine in Willie Revillame’s beach resort.)

But on Thursday, Kris opened up on via Instagram that her youngest son has had developed a bad cough in the past 10 days. She is taking consolation in the fact that Bimby has no fever, no chills and has not lost his appetite.

“My prayers were answered, hindi nagka fever si Bimb. He took his second dose of antibiotics, and okay ang appetite nya. I’ve been awake 24 hours (all parents will understand me) nag bantay ako to make sure nakatulog sya, no chills, and hindi hirap huminga,” she said.

“Sharing this to remind everyone, wag dedmahin ang ubo — and let’s care enough about the health of others to not risk their health? Constant hand washing helps a lot — the three of us are always together but because I have been strict about washing hands and disinfecting our gadgets, so far okay kami ni Kuya.”

She also shared that her older son Joshua was texting her brother, former Pres. Noynoy Aquino, to update about Bimby’s condition. It’s no showbiz secret that Kris has had a “complicated relationship” with her brother.

“Speaking of Kuya Josh, nasilip ko his phone habang ka text nya si Tito Noy while Kuya told him Bimb was sick. Nakakatouch because Kuya Josh told his Tito Noy: I miss you and I love you so much… I saw the reply: love you, Josh.”

“Maybe reminder for all of us to tell everyone we care about how much they mean to us and how much we love them, whether we are near or far… may God bless you and your families during this time of trials & uncertainty. #faith,” she ended.

In a separate Instagram post, Kris said that while she herself has a health issue to deal with, she is a mother first and foremost.

“My autoimmune condition dictates I should be farther from my bunso pero nangibabaw ang pagiging nanay — pag ganito ang sitwasyon, we all realize what truly matters.”

She has also closed off her comments section because “sorry can’t handle the stress kung i-bash pa kami.”

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