Robin Padilla shows support for Pope Francis


Robin Padilla, who is known as a devout Muslim, has gone out of his way to show support for the head of the Catholic Church.  

Pope Francis was recently criticized for angrily slapping a woman’s hand after she grabbed and pulled him towards her while he was greeting pilgrims outside the Vatican during New Year’s Eve.

The pope immediately said sorry for losing patience and being a “bad example” during the incident.

The actor on Thursday came to the defense of the pope and posted his sentiments on the issue.

“Pati ba naman ang Holy Pope ng mga katoliko binabash! Talaga bang wala na talagang respeto ang mga tao?” started Robin in his Instagram post.

According to Robin, it was just normal for an 83 year old to react that way.

“Napanood ko ang video kitang kita sa video na hinatak ng babae ang holy pope habang nasa alanganin na posisyon at sa idad ng holy pope sigurado ako nasaktan siya natural lang na magreact siya,” he continued.

Robin added that he, a muslim, is defending the pope and “I hope the Catholics will do the same.”

 “May Allah have mercy on us,” he ended his post.

“People let us be human,” he also told the commenters on his post.

This wasn’t the first time that Padilla showed support or posted about the pontiff.

Earlier, he shared words from Pope Francis in an Instagram post.

Back in 2015, Robin also shared a photo of Pope Francis on TV delivering a Mass, while expressing his hope for national leaders of the predominantly Catholic Philippines to be moved by his “revolutionary sermons.”

Also in 2015, he made the news for wearing a statement shirt that showed the pope’s support for the peace talks between the government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), in a visit to the Senate and House of Representatives to then lobby for the Bangsamoro Bill.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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