Catriona Gray bares plans after Miss Universe reign


Catriona Gray’s reign as Miss Universe is nearing its end, as a new queen will be crowned on December 8 in Atlanta, Georgia.

In her recent interview on the Build Series TV show in New York, the 25-year-old beauty queen shared the things she is looking forward to in the next chapter of her life.

According to Catriona, she is having mixed feelings with the coronation night fast approaching.

“It’s going to be a very sentimental time for me too (because) I’m passing on my title. But you know, what I’m so excited to face my new chapter. And I’m excited to see the girls shine and see what they’re gonna do with this amazing platform. What they’re going voice out, what they’re going to represent,” she said.

Catriona said that being crowned Miss Universe was life-changing.

“This title has really impacted me so much, ‘coz it’s really changed my life. I am so-so beyond grateful to be in the position that I’m in, to have the opportunities that I have to be able to bring so much pride to my country. That’s really something that I will carry to the end of my days. The amount of pride that I felt in this whole journey and being able to raise the Philippine flag.”

After her duties as a Miss Universe, Catriona said she will be looking back and soaking in all the things that happened during her reign.

“Upon reflection, that’s when you really get the inside, and that’s when you really learn from experience. So as long as I can look back at this year and take in the lessons that I need, I can equip myself going forward.”

The Filipina-Australian beauty queen also shared that after her reign, she wants to pursue singing, saying she really has the passion for music.

And even without the Miss U title, she plans to continue being a spokesperson for advocacies and organizations.

“I also wanna continue being a spokesperson, and to work with the causes that are dear to my heart. Because it’s really what fulfills me as an individual, not as a Miss Universe. It’s not what I do for this job, it’s really what I, as Catriona, love doing,” she said.

Being true to herself was the greatest lesson Catriona learned during her reign as Miss Universe.

“I really value authenticity and I feel like if I’m not myself, then who am I? So, I’ve always wanted to stay true to myself and that’s the biggest lesson.”

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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