Miss Nepal on Miss U CEO’s alleged ‘inclusivity strategy’ statement: ‘I knew it was rigged from the moment I was on stage’


Miss Nepal 2023 Jane Dipika Garrett reacted to the recent controversy involving Miss Universe CEO Anne Jakrajutatip’s controversial statements about the pageant’s commitment to inclusivity.

In a historic moment for Nepal, Garrett broke beauty pageant norms when she became the first plus-size contestant from her country to compete in the Miss Universe pageant in November 2023.

However, a recently leaked video involving Miss Universe Organization (MUO) executives Jakrajutatip, as well as Miss Mexico owner Raul Rocha Cantu, has brought into question the sincerity and authenticity of the pageant’s commitment to inclusion and diversity.

In the leaked video, Anne Jakrajutatip was allegedly heard discussing her decision to allow “any women” to participate as a “communication strategy, asserting that some contestants “can compete but cannot win”.

Following this, Jane addressed the issue on her Instagram story which included a photo of Anne’s alleged comments captured in the leaked video.

She wrote, “Honey, I knew it was rigged from the moment I was on stage. I realized us ‘inclusion’ girls weren’t ever gonna get a real chance to win.”

Despite the controversial take on inclusivity, Jane chose to focus on the positive aspects of her experience, expressing gratitude for the platform she gained and the support from her fans.

“But it is what it is and I’m super happy for my experience there and the platform I’ve been able to create,” the beauty queen stressed.

She added, “I have all my lovely fans and supporters and that’s more than a crown for me.”

The Nepali representative ended her Miss U stint after earning a spot in the Top 20 during the semi-finals.

Along with Jane, last year’s Miss Universe also saw two transgender candidates and married mothers in the competition for the first time.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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