Ex-Miss U president mulls legal action vs current head Anne Jakrajutatip for ‘false’ accusations


The former president of the Miss Universe Organization (MUO), Paula Shugart, has broken her silence to address recent allegations made by the pageant’s current owner Anne Jakrajutatip.

In an official statement released on Monday, February 19, Shugart expressed her dismay over Anne’s “false and outrageous” accusations.

Anne was said to have suggested that Paula engaged in corrupt practices, accepting money “under the table” to “secure placements” in Miss Universe competitions.

“By suggesting that I am corrupt and took money ‘under the table,’ Jakrajutatip not only defames me, but she also discredits the women who have won the Miss Universe crown by implying their titles were ‘bought’ and not earned by merit,” Paula stated in her response.

The former president went on to vehemently deny the claims, stressing the potential damage it could inflict on her reputation and the Miss Universe brand.

“I cannot abide by such dangerous and reckless assertions, which degrade the Miss Universe brand and its Titleholders.”

Considering the gravity of the accusations, Paula is now contemplating legal action in Thailand, where Anne resides.

“I am presently considering my legal options in Thailand and what actions I might take,” Shugart revealed in her statement, “I am reserving all rights to claim for damages.”

She acknowledged that her complaint would be just one of many legal actions facing the owner of JKN, emphasizing the need to address the issue promptly to protect the Miss Universe brand and its legacy.

Despite the controversy, Shugart asserted her reluctance to engage in social media drama, stating, “I have no intention or need to engage in drama on social media and I will not do so. Anyone who knows me knows the truth and what I stand for. I will let my years of work with some truly incredible women speak for itself.”

This incident adds to the ongoing legal challenges faced by Jakrajutatip, who was already previously embroiled in an embezzlement case seeking $28.3 million in damages as well as the bankruptcy news of her Thai media company JKN Global Group, according to past reports.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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