Catriona Gray says there’s no formula for winning Miss Universe


Reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray, as always, is on point when answering questions being thrown at her.

This was proven in her recent interview for the Build Series TV show in New York on Tuesday (Manila time) along with Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst to talk about the upcoming Miss Universe pageant.

When asked by host Kerry Justich on what lessons she can share with the contestants in this year’s Miss Universe competition, the Filipina-Australian beauty queen answered so articulately, as if she’s once again vying for the Miss U crown.

“Each girl has her own strength. There’s no formula to win Miss Universe. It’s not (because) you have the best walk, or you’re the most beautiful, or perceived beautiful or you’re the most academically successful,” Catriona said.

She imparted that there is no perfect ratio to win the most coveted title.

“Usually, the advice I give is for the contestant or the girl to enrich her experience around this pageant because I always tell them, out of 90 girls, only one of you will get the crown,” she shared.

Catriona encouraged the girls to get more out of the experience by not simply focusing on winning it.

“So, it has to be more than that. It has to be about something more, whether be about gaining life experience, or getting friends all around the world, or whether be gaining confidence in yourself or proving to yourself that you can do it or whether be using the platform to voice out something that you’re passionate about, or an advocacy your heart is drawn to,” she said.

“Make it about something else, because in that way when you go through a system like this, through the competition, you’ll never be a loser because you’ll have gained something.”

The Miss Universe coronation night happens on December 8 at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Gazini Ganados will be representing the Philippines.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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