Professional Korean footballer Park Yi Young records pickpockets in BGC


By: Rie Realingo 

“Attenzione, Pickpocket!”

Korean football player Park Yi Young got caught up in a pickpocketing incident where his wallet got stolen in Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

In his recent Instagram post, the football player tried to raise awareness about the unfortunate situation he was in through posting a recorded video of his offenders.

In the video, there were two women covering their faces trying to outwalk Yi Young, continuously denying the player’s allegations that they took his wallet. 

Listening closely to the audio, one of them audibly said, “I will give you to the embassy,” trying to intimidate Yi Young into stopping his recording, upon the football player’s attempt on making them show their faces.

Motivated to get back his belongings, Yi Young further questioned the two women while still following them around, asking why they took his wallet,

To this, one responded with, “Not me, my friend!”

Wanting to get more information, the player intuitively asked, “Who? So, you guys are one of them?”

Unfortunately, before they got to answer, the alleged perpetrators already got away and were seen running off as the video ended.

Park Yi Young wrote an extensive caption in his post detailing the turn of events of the incident. He mentioned that there were initially six women strategically surrounding him, trying to block his path and making the moves.

Before he knew it, these women dispersed into various groups with his wallet gone. He asked some help from a security guard, who was, to no avail, unfortunately unhelpful.

Eventually, he caught up with some of the group members, and that is where he started confronting them, asking for his wallet back. Initially, these women made loud noises then consistently denied getting any wallet of some sort.

Through persistent chasing, they eventually gave in, saying “Just give his wallet back and let’s leave,” as per Yi Young’s story retelling.

“Anyway, long story short, I’m safe and I got my wallet back but still missing some cash 🤷‍♂️,” he concluded

“I hope that you all remain alert and careful that something like this never happens again. Be safe everyone 🙏,” he once again reminded people.

For disclaimer, the football player commented on his own post saying, “I don’t blame Philippines, this could happen anywhere in the world. I just hope that we learned something from this incident and will reduce the number of other victims. I still love the Philippines, don’t worry.”

At the end, fortunately Yi Young was safe and sound with his wallet intact, alas some cash gone.

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