Why are Jane de Leon and Rob Gomez together in Taiwan?


By Rie Realingo

Jane de Leon and Rob Gomez have sparked dating speculations after being spotted together in Taiwan.

In a recently posted Instagram update, Jane shared a video of her finally having the chance to try an Ichiran Ramen.

But to netizens’ surprise, she is not eating alone. In the last slide of her post, there is a reaction video of her trying her most anticipated meal, with Rob in the background.

“Whole day kaming walang kain, so this is our first meal,” the actress mentioned in her video.

“It’s a 10 for me! 😋,” she captioned her post.

This has since raised speculations among netizens on what could be the real score between the two.

However, according to Jane de Leon’s manager, Tyronne Escalante, in a message to The Philippine STAR, the two are together in Taiwan for a movie project. This is the second time that they’re working together in a movie after last year’s Shake, Rattle and Roll Extreme.

Meanwhile, fans are waiting for the actress’ return to the Philippines as they are anticipating more projects between her past co-star, Janella Salvador.

Recently, they starred in Janella’s GL-themed new music release, “Hey You.”

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