ToRo family witnesses Papi Galang deliver third child in water birth


By Lance Joseph Martinez

Internet personality Charisse Galang, also known as Papi Galang, delivered her third child through a water birth at Toni Fowler’s home, with the entire ToRo family present. 

In the vlog titled “Motherhood” on Toni’s YouTube channel, it was revealed that Papi could not wait to reach the hospital. By the time the doctor arrived, the baby was already crowning and she was fully dilated.

Screenshot from Mommy Toni Fowler/YouTube

Fortunately, her OB-GYN and doula were nearby. The ToRo Family, including vloggers Anthony Leodones and Jamie Bautista who were coincidentally present, prepared the pool and cleaned the floor for the water birth.

Screenshot from Mommy Toni Fowler/YouTube

The entire ToRo Family and camera crew witnessed the birth, which they wanted to share with their fans. The baby’s gender, a girl, was also revealed. 

In the same vlog, Toni expressed her admiration for Papi, noting it was the second time she had witnessed her give birth.

Fowler further described the event as magical, with the whole ToRo Family and their friends present.

Toni, who is also pregnant, shared her excitement on Instagram with the caption, “MAHAL KITA BABY HABI nasa tyan kapalang ng nanay mo bias na kitang bebe ka.”

Meanwhile, netizens had mixed reactions to the recorded birth.

One commented: “Mejo uncomfortable lang tingnan na parang naging show ang delivery niya. May ibang mga lalaki rin doon nakita na nila lahat ang kabuoan ni Papi,” while another fan on YouTube expressed admiration in Papi, saying, “Grabe. Di naman ako pamilya pero sobrang proud ko ke Papi. Pangalawang water birth na niya to at talaga all natural…”.

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