‘I was grieving but I had to smile’: Nadine Lustre recalls experience dealing with brother’s death


Aktres na si Nadine Lustre, idinetalye sa isang panayam ang kanyang most challenging experience matapos pumanaw ang kanyang kapatid na si Isaiah noong taong 2017. 

Sa interview ng One Down, nag-open up ang aktres patungkol kanyang experience sa pag-handle ng grief. 

“The most challenging one that I have gone through was when my brother passed away. And my brother was going through all of these, like, challenges with his mental health as well. I was still doing a variety show every day,” pahayag ni Nadine. 

“So, can you imagine, like, I was grieving but at the same time, I’m in front of the TV, I had to smile. I had to interact with people like nothing happened. So, that was really hard,” dagdag pa niya. 

Kasabay nito, inalala ni Nadine ang advice na umano’y binigay sa kanya nang minsan siyang humingi ng break upang mag-deal sa grief.

“And at some point, you know, when I felt that I was already like, crumbling, I’d ask for a break. How they responded was like, ‘You just keep working, you’re gonna forget about it.’ I’m like, that’s… It just goes to show how uneducated and how out of touch we are when it comes to, like, mental health issues,” saad ng aktres.

“Still to this day, like, every time I think about that time, I still don’t know how I got through that. It was just like autopilot,” pahayag niya.

“You kind of have to pull through because it’s a responsibility. As much as you want to like take a break and kind of have to breathe from it, you can’t really do anything especially if you’re under contract, you know. So you have to honor that,” pagpapatuloy pa nito. 

Regine Caldona
Regine Caldona
Regine Caldona is a chronically-online content producer. She loves vibing to feel good K-pop songs.