Netizens LOL to Nadine Lustre’s hilarious tweet featuring Maricel Soriano  


Nadine Lustre is definitely up-to-date when it comes to her fans’ hilarious memes of her.  

The actress made fans laugh out loud as she shared a snap of Maricel Soriano sporting a very familiar hairstyle.  

“I was browsing for Filipino movies tapos nakita ko to. Parang may naalala ako sa hair ni Ms. Maricel,” she wrote on a Twitter post.  

Under her tweet, fans replied with the viral photo she was referring to – Nadine with her iconic overly edited hair for a mobile phone brand’s advertisement.  

“When you can make fun of yourself… it means you are really secure and unbothered of what others may say. Definitely cool,” a netizen responded.  

While some fans couldn’t help but laugh over the fact that their idol was poking fun at her own memes  

A fan said: “Bakit naman [dino-dogshow] ang sarili.” 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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