Liza Soberano reveals receiving messages from late actor AJ Perez after his passing


Actress Liza Soberano shared a peculiar and touching experience related to the late teen actor AJ Perez.

In a recent interview with Tessa Albea, the actress was asked about the origins of her Twitter account, where Liza opened up about her unique connection with the late actor.

“Yes so I was a huge fan of AJ Perez ’cause I have watched him in this one teleserye called ‘Sabel’,” Liza shared.

She continued, “And it was very unfortunate that he passed away and that was the reason why I created my Twitter because I wanted to have like some sort of memory of him so I followed him.”

The unexpected turn of events occurred when Liza began receiving messages from AJ Perez, even after his passing.

She described the initial shock and apprehension she felt about checking these messages, saying, “It was strange because I started receiving messages from him after he had passed away. And at first I was scared of like checking it, because I was like ‘what’s going on?'”

Despite the initial fear, Liza discovered that the messages were from AJ Perez’s family.

“And then eventually, I came to it and then I checked the message. It was messages from his family but it was always very scary when I would receive notifications from AJ Perez.

Over time, she developed a friendship with AJ’s younger brother, Angello Joseph, and connected with their family.

Liza recounted, “But yeah, I became friends with his younger brother, Gelo, and his family. Eventually, I was introduced to them.”

Liza expressed her regret about not having the chance to work with AJ and revealed a poignant moment she experienced on the day of his passing.

“The day he passed away, I was on my way because I lived in Pangasinan at that time, and I actually passed by his accident,” she recalled hearing about the news of AJ’s death.

She continued, “There’s an ABS-CBN van, and it was smashed. And then I get to my VTR, and my road manager at that time was like, ‘Namatay si AJ Perez.’ I was like, ‘no, he can’t be dead, it’s not real.’

“And then I started crying and I was like, ‘I wanna go to his wake.’ And then my family was like, ‘he doesn’t know you.'”

When asked if she attended the actor’s wake, Liza admitted, “No ’cause I wasn’t invited, obviously. Nobody knew me. I just like inserted myself into their family.”

The actress concluded by revealing that she now receives greetings from the Perez family every year, signifying the enduring bond that has developed between Liza and AJ’s family.

AJ’s sudden passing shocked both fans and the public when he got involved in a tragic vehicular accident in 2011. He passed away at the age of 18 years old.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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