Janno Gibbs calls out ‘judgemental’ comment about his family vacation following dad Ronaldo Valdez’s passing


Singer-actor Janno Gibbs confronted a netizen who commented about the passing of his father on his recent social media post, which contained photos of their family vacation.

On New Year’s eve, Janno uploaded photos of his family’s holiday getaway at Universal Studios in Japan.

“Happy New Year from The Gibbs and our extended fam 🙌❤️🎉,” his caption read.

Amidst the comments of his followers and relatives, one user’s comment stood out at the top which mentioned the passing of his father, veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez, who died last December at the age of 77.

“Your father just passed away”, the comment read.

This prompted Janno to directly respond to the netizen, “I know. And?”

The user wrote back, “[S]adness does not seem to exist… not judging maybe behind each posts you’re all still crying inside.”

To this, Janno replied, “You are judging. Shame on you.”

Other users also defended Gibbs as they called out the netizen for “bringing up negativity” and “giving unsolicited comments” on the celebrity’s post.

“Kailangan po ba ipakita sa’yo ng buong pamilya nila kung paano sila nagluluksa behind closed doors or outside of social media? They don’t owe you anything,” a user commented.

“Your comment was very insensitive and uncalled for. People grieve differently. Where’s your compassion? Please think before you comment on someone’s page,” wrote another.

“You don’t need to remind him/ them that they should be sad. At times, it’s obvious when someone is struggling to cope. But sometimes, it’s harder to see. Let’s just be glad Janno is still with his family and is trying his best to cope. This might be their way of honoring their father for reasons we may not understand because we are not a part of their family,” a netizen shared their opinion.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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