Janno Gibbs reacts to Lea Salonga’s fan encounter in dressing room video: ‘Sana lang nasabi niya ng mas maayos’


Singer-songwriter Janno Gibbs shared his two cents on Lea Salonga’s viral video that showed Filipino fans trying to enter her dressing room area.

In a two-minute video uploaded by a man named Cristopher Retokelly Carpila on July 15, some Filipino fans were seen attempting to enter Lea’s dressing room area to take photos with the theater actress after performing in the Broadway musical Here Lies Love.

Lea can be seen engaging with them professionally despite being visibly upset, saying they weren’t allowed backstage for “security reasons” unless they were included on the guest list. She instead instructed to wait for her in a designated place for picture-taking.

The uploader of the video, however, expressed his dismay over his idol’s reaction to their request as he felt that they were “discarded trash” after being shunned away from Lea’s dressing room area.

Janno defended Lea, saying she was in the right for educating her supporters that people who are not included in the guest list shouldn’t be allowed backstage, let alone inside her celebrity’s dressing room.

But Janno added that the award-winning singer should have done it properly, without the need to embarrass her fans.

Janno wrote his opinion on the Broadway icon’s reaction in an Instagram story on Monday: “Nasa tama naman si Ms. Lea. Bawal talaga sa dressing room/backstage ang wala sa listahan. Sana lang nasabi niya ng mas maayos. Yung hindi mapapahiya [‘yung] fans.“

At the end of his caption, he noted that this was just his own opinion.

Lea had already addressed the issue in a thread of tweets where she noted to the public the importance of her boundaries as an artist.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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