Kim Chiu on current relationship status: ‘Ang love life ko ay naka-hang ngayon’


“Ang lovelife ko ay naka-hang ngayon.”

TV host-actress Kim Chiu had this to say about the status of her love life amid the controversies surrounding her rumored breakup with longtime partner Xian Lim.

This occurred after Diamond Star Maricel Soriano asked about Kim’s current romantic relationship in the veteran actress’s latest YouTube vlog, where she took on the role of being Kim’s “Yaya for a day”.

As the two walked through the ABS-CBN hallway, Maricel directly asked Kim about the status of her love life.

“Ang dami-daming nagbubulungan, kamusta raw ang lovelife mo?” Maricel inquired, catching Kim off guard.

“Tinatanong nila lovelife mo e. Hindi naman ako makasagot dahil hindi naman ako ikaw,” the seasoned actress added.

Kim replied, “Sino nagtatanong sa’yo?”

“Mga fans mo. Nagtatanong sila,” Soriano answered back.

Kim burst into laughter and said, “Ang lovelife ko ay naka-hang ngayon.”

“Parang telepono, dai? Naka-hang?” Maricel jokingly followed up.

To this, the Chinita Princess replied, “Oo, oo.”

Afterward, it seemed like Kim steered away from the topic and invited Maricel to eat.

It can be recalled that amid the confirmed breakup of former sweethearts Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, rumors of a breakup between Kim and Xian have also circulated.

Recently, Xian made headlines for suddenly deleting his videos from his YouTube channel, along with vlogs featuring him and Kim.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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