Ahyeon will no longer debut with Babymonster —YG Entertainment 


YG Entertainment, the talent agency of the girl group “Babymonster,” confirmed on Wednesday that Ahyeon will no longer make her debut with the said group due to “health reasons,” leaving Babymonster to debut as a six-member group. 

“BABYMONSTER will be debuting as a six-member group with Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Haram, Rora, and Chiquita. After careful discussion, it was decided that Ahyeon, who prepared together [with BABYMONSTER], will be focusing on getting rest for the time being due to health reasons,” YG Entertanment said in a statement.

“Although we are saddened to be unable to introduce Ahyeon as a member of BABYMONSTER, we made this decision for the sake of the artist’s health. We will spare no support so that Ahyeon can recover fully and return in good health,” the agency added.

While it was reported that Ahyeon may have left the group, the agency said that she might join Babymonster later on. 

“We will inform you afterwards,” YG Entertainment said. 

YG Entertainment is set to debut Babymonster on November 27, seven years after BLACKPINK made their debut.

Regine Caldona
Regine Caldona
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