Xian Lim warns against ‘hearsay,’ ‘deceiving headlines’ amid breakup rumors with Kim Chiu


Xian Lim spoke up about misleading news and information on social media amid his rumored split from his longtime girlfriend Kim Chiu.

The actor took to Instagram to release a lengthy statement on “hearsays” about him that are currently circulating online. He began his message by telling a story about his purpose in life.

“My whole purpose of being in this world is to be a blessing to those around me. May it be in the films that I make, the podcast that I create, the paintings I exhibit or even as simple as posting content in my social media accounts,” wrote Xian.

He continued, “It’s designed to find that one soul who see themselves in me. A misfit. A misfit in a society who clamours for perfection. A misfit in life, a blacksheep if you will.”

Xian went on to advise netizens to be wary and vigilant of “hearsay” and “deceiving information”.

“Plenty of hearsay happening right now and I would like to ask everyone to be mindful of what you chose to believe in deceiving headlines and other information used to just pretend to know the whole story for personal gain and traction,” he stressed.

Moreover, he made a plea to the public not to involve his family and friends in the current issues and to be mindful of sharing information on social media.

“I ask to be mindful of what you share. Leave my family and friends out of this insignificant issue compared to what is happening in the world, our country, or even deep within ourselves,” said Xian.

Xian emphasized that he is in the entertainment industry “not to entertain”, but to “express” and “breathe life” into the characters he plays.

He also clarified that he does not intend to “explain” and “satisfy one’s curiosity” or to “ask for sympathy” and “spread hate”.

“That is not who I am,” Xian said.

The actor ended his statement with a self-motivational message, “Mahal ko ang mga tao sa paligid ko. Mahal ko ang pagkakataon na naibigay sa akin ng tadhana and I will continue to use my voice to share my purpose. I will continue to find it, search for it and be the best version of me that I can become and hopefully leave a mark in this lifetime.”

Xian and Kim’s rumored split became a hot topic after netizens noticed that the two haven’t been recently seen together.  

Kim recently denied the speculations, clarifying that she and Xian are “okay”.

The couple started dating in 2012 and made their relationship public in 2018.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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