Lola Amour says Raining In Manila MV ‘greatly misinterpreted,’ issues apology amid criticisms


OPM band Lola Amour took to social media to apologize and clarify the newest music video for their hit song Raining In Manila, which has garnered mixed reactions online.

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, several months after the launch of their popular track, the band finally announced that they would be releasing its “long overdue” music video the day after.

The post came with a 34-second teaser video that showed the band members on a boat singing the hook of a song in heavy rain set in what appears to be a flooded slum area.

This, however, did not sit well with online users who called it “tone deaf”, and “out of touch”, saying it “romanticized poverty” and “glorified floods”.

On the other hand, there were those who defended the video, saying some of the negative reactions were an “overreaction” and a “misinterpretation” of its concept.

Following the criticisms, Lola Amour took to social media to clear the air, apologizing for the “disappointment” it caused some viewers but also saying that the entire music video was misinterpreted by its teaser.

“Hey guys! We just want to say that we hear you and we understand your disappointment. We were not sensitive enough about how the teaser was presented, and with that, we are sorry,” read their post.

“We do hope you give the MV a chance as it was greatly misrepresented by the teaser,” they added along with a short summary clarifying its concept.

“It’s about a man who reconnects with his long lost wife through a magic gecko, all set in an alternate timeline where it has been raining for already 1427 days,” the band explained.

The music video has now gained more than 70,000 views as of writing.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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