Niana gets followed by ‘celebrity crush’ Jungkook on TikTok


Jungkook of South Korean boy band BTS is now following social media personality Niana Guerrero on TikTok. 

Niana could not believe her eyes upon knowing that she’s included in the Kpop superstar’s following list on the popular video sharing platform. 

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“Jungkook followed me on [TikTok]?!!?! WHAAAAAT,” exclaimed Niana in an Instagram story. 

“I’m so confused WHAT,” the dance and lifestyle creator wrote on Twitter.

The follow comes shortly after Jungkook liked her and her younger sister Natalia’s TikTok dance cover of his new hit single Seven.

Niana has been vocal about having a crush on Jungkook. His brother Ranz Kyle even previously surprised her with a room filled with photos of the BTS member in what was supposed to be a “prank” vlog. 

Jungkook recently set the internet abuzz after accidentally revealing the username of his personal Tiktok account.

He explained that he used the account only for viewing other TikTok videos.

His Tiktok account has over seven million followers as of writing, with a video of him and Seventeen member Mingyu dancing to Seven as his first TikTok entry.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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