BTS’ Jungkook accidentally reveals his personal TikTok account


Did you catch that, ARMYs? 

Jungkook of South Korean boy band BTS unintentionally revealed the username of his personal Tiktok account on the group’s exclusive chatting platform, WeVerse. 

Last August 1, Jungkook shared a link that directed users to a dance cover video of his latest debut single Seven performed by Jay and Jungwon of ENHYPEN on TikTok. It turned out that the username of his TikTok account would be shown on the screen when the link was opened. 


 ?‍⬛Lucky 7? #SevenDaysAWeek Challenge #JUNGWON #JAY #ENHYPEN

♬ Seven (feat. Latto) – Clean Ver. – Jung Kook & Latto

ARMYs were puzzled as the account was named “Ian” and started speculating if it was indeed owned by the BTS member.

Upon noticing that he had accidentally revealed the name of his private account, Jungkook immediately took to WeVerse to address the information. 

K-entertainment news site AllKpop’s translated his WeVerse message where he admitted that it was indeed his account. 

“Ah, I shared a TikTok now everyone knows my account lol (Ah, I had my nickname as Ian…that’s embarrassing…),” Jungkook started. 

Jungkook expressed his embarrassment over being found out using the name Ian. He then changed it to his initials “JK” and used his eye as his profile picture. He noted that he only used the account for viewing other TikToks. 

“That’s right, it’s me, but I won’t do TikTok (on that account), it’s for viewing. I hastily changed to JK…I’ll leave it since everyone knows now lol it’s rather better (this way),” Jungkook told his fans.

A few minutes later, he posted another message, “Ah…so embarrassing… Sigh…Don’t make fun of me the next time you see me.”

Despite Jungkook finding the situation embarrassing, his fans saw it as an unexpectedly hilarious and adorable mistake because most of them recalled that Ian was one of his options for his stage name.

In a past episode of the Korean variety program Knowing Bros, Jungkook shared a few of his choices for his nickname which included “Seagull”, “Tattoo”, and “Ian”.

This led to ARMYs’ amusement that Jungkook found a way to use Ian as the account name of his private TikTok account. They then started poking fun at the member and went on to refer him by his username. 

After seeing his fans sharing jokes and memes online, Jungkook wrote on Weverse, “Stop making Ian memes,” and even changed his TikTok bio to, “Don’t make fun.”

As of writing, Jungkook’s Tiktok account has now gained six million followers and over two million likes with a single uploaded video of him and Seventeen member Mingyu dancing to Seven.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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