Here’s how a lucky Pinay fangirl got to wear matching bracelets with Kim Seon Ho


Kim Seon Ho definitely made this fangirl’s day! 

Trisha Soriano couldn’t believe her eyes for a second when she saw a photo of her idol wearing the bracelet she gifted him to match with hers. 

The Korean heartthrob graced Manila with his presence for another fan meeting held last July 22 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Just like the first one, Filo Seonhohadas (Kim Seonho fans) gave a warm welcome to the nation’s favorite “good boy”.

From the thousands of fans who came to see the actor, one Seonhohada took the trophy for the best fan-idol interaction in The Big Dome.

Soriano did not just see her favorite actor up close and personal, she was also sporting couple bracelets with him. 

In a tweet, the fan expressed her delight over their interaction at the event, “Sobrang saya ko! I get to see Seon Ho nang super lapit (via photo op). He also accepted my gifts and we exchanged ‘I love you’s’ again for the 2nd time (wasn’t able to take vid for that specific moment since my phone died, but I will always cherish that. Forever, in my heart).” 

Trisha was still stupefied over their moment and expressed her disbelief in a separate tweet, “I still can’t believe that our hands touched when I handed him my gifts,” she said. “I just hope he use[s] and wear[s] it even just for once.”

A few hours after posting those tweets, it seemed that Trisha’s “manifestation” worked. In his latest Instagram post, Kim Seon Ho dropped a photo of him posing with his giant billboards along EDSA and eagle-eyed Trisha noticed that he was wearing the bracelet he gave him during the fan meeting. 

“Just opened my socials today and guess what? KIM SEON HO IS WEARING THE BRACELET I GAVE HIM. This is a couple bracelet. White for me, black for him,” Trisha posted her reaction in a viral tweet, “I still can’t process this, but I just want to cry out of happiness.”

Trisha shared with Latest Chika the story of her “fateful” encounter with her “most cherished person”.

According to Trisha, she initially felt dissatisfied over being seated the farthest from the actor during the photo-op, which turned out to be a “blessing in disguise”. 

“I was a bit sad pa kasi supposedly ako ‘yung katabi niya sa group photo but since inaayos ng body guard niya ‘yung height, napunta ako sa dulo not knowing it’s the most privileged spot pala kasi that’s near his entrance and exit kaya ko nabigay ‘yung gift ko,” Trisha told Latest Chika. 

She noted that it was already her second “wonderstruck” moment with the actor as she also attended his first fan event in the past. It must be fate that Kim Seon Ho seemed to have remembered his fan to the point that they exchanged “I love yous” not once but twice in both events.

When asked about the idea of giving him a bracelet, Trisha said that she thought long and hard about possible gifts before a friend of hers suggested the accessory. 

“My friend recommended giving him bracelets since he’s fond of wearing this kind of accessory.  Thankfully, I was able to spot an FB page selling this bracelet,” she said.

In the photos posted by Trisha and the local store, the bracelet’s design appeared to be in a pattern similar to a Morse code, a method used to encrypt characters or words into dots or dashed. 

Trisha revealed that the bracelet around Kim Seon Ho’s wrist says “Itinatangi”.

“I chose this because ‘Itinatangi’ feels so deep which means ‘most cherished person’. After all the things KSH has gone through to be this far, he is one of a kind, and he deserves to be cherished and receive all the love that life has to offer. He’s just so genuine and simple. So I think this gift is really for him,” she explained.

Trisha, who works as a project manager, has been a fan of Kim Seon Ho since 2018. To start, she merely considered herself as a “so so” fangirl but her fondness for the K-drama star deepened when Start Up was released. She also considers his feel-good drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha as one of her “healing” shows. 

“Whenever I feel sad and anxiety is kicking in, that’s my go to drama, he’s there, and the story too is what’s helping me cope,” she said. 

She continued, “I also appreciate him so much that he became so special when we witnessed how selfless he is on time that he’s facing a controversy, but proofs came out and proved that he’s a soft-hearted man who’s willing to risk his career to protect one’s feelings.”

It’s really a match for Trisha and Kim Seon Ho proven in his snaps during his brief trips around Manila and even aboard his flight back to Seoul, showed the actor wearing the fashionable yet meaningful bracelet.

“It was a dream come true. It’s a wholesome experience and it’s magical. I swear, I’ll be supporting him his entire career,” said Trisha.

Kim Seon Ho is best known for his endearing roles in Hometown Cha Cha Cha (2021) and Start-Up (2020), among other shows he starred in. The actor showed his versatility in the latest action-thriller Korean film “The Childe” where he plays the role of a relentless assassin. 

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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