Sabrina Carpenter listens to Andrea Brillantes’ ‘rant’ during Manila show


Andrea Brillantes is on her lucky fangirl streak as she was once again noticed by an international artist. This time, it was Sabrina Carpenter. 

Andrea was among the Pinoy fans who attended the “Nonsense” hitmaker’s concert at the New Frontier Theater in Quezon City on Tuesday, July 25. 

After playing a song off her setlist, Sabrina took notice of the Filipina actress. 

“Why is she mad? I wanna know!,” Sabrina said as she extended the mic to Andrea.

“Actually, I think they know!,” answered Andrea who got cheered on by the crowd.  

Andrea went on to tell Sabrina about being “betrayed” by “a lot of people“ and “have also kind of ruined my reputation in a way”. 

“Even though they’re not true and I’m also just a victim but I never told them anything. 

The actress then told Sabrina how her songs helped her cope with what she’s going through. 

“With your songs, it was like you were the one who was speaking to them for me. That’s why I love your songs so much,” said Andrea. 

Getting a hint from the crowd’s reaction, Sabrina quipped: “Oh, it’s a guy? No sh*t, it’s always a guy. I’m kidding, I’m kidding.” 

“Is he here?” she asked getting no’s from the audience.

“Well, he doesn’t have taste,” said Sabrina. 

Sabrina also got curious on what stage Andrea’s currently on her healing process, letting the actress choose wether she feels “mad, more sad, or just have a fun day and not think about too much”.

When Andrea picked the last option and said she wants to leave it in the past, Sabrina remarked, “That’s a very mature take,” and eventually gave the actress a fist bump.

While no names were mentioned during their interaction, Andrea’s was last known to be in a relationship with basketball player Ricci Rivero who confirmed their breakup last June. 

Andrea then gushed over her big fangirl moment in a series of tweets, and expressed her thanks for the support she received from the crowd. 

Just last March, Andrea caught the attention of Kpop superstar Blackpink when she asked Ricci to be her date to the 2023 Star Magic Prom. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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