Reel couple Marco Gallo and Heaven Peralejo go on first-ever ‘official’ date


“A night to remember.”

This was Marco Gallo’s caption on his Instagram reel showing a clip of him asking his love team partner Heaven Peralejo out on an official date.

The Rain in Espana couple Marco Gallo and Heaven Peralejo, popularly known as MarVen, sent kilig to their fans after publicly setting their first-ever official date in an event last Friday, July 21.

Marco, in an all-white suit and a white shirt with a single big heart print, made a surprise appearance at the BingoPlus Day: The Jackpot Party where Heaven was among the guest performers.

After Heaven sang the classic OPM love song “Maging Sino Ka Man”, Marco joined his partner on stage with a short but meaningful message.

“To whomever it may concern, I’m just here to perform one of the many acts of love,” Marco’s message to Heaven started.

He continued, “Since this gorgeous lady has been giving us such a sweet night, I believe, it would be nice to offer her one as well. Just to be fair.”

Marco showered her with words of affirmation before popping the question, “Since you’ve been working so hard lately, like every single day, how does a dinner tonight for the two of us sound to your ears, aking binibini?”

His invitation seemed to come off to Heaven as a ‘friendly date’ which she reacted to with a laugh and a short “sure”.

“Why not? Let’s go!”, Heaven said before Marco emphasized that it was an official date.

“It’s a date, our official first date. How does that sound?”, he clarified.

The actor continued, “I hope you can wear the beautiful dress I prepared for you. I hope you can join me and let your voice be music to my ears for the rest of the night.”

Marco’s sweet words earned him Heaven’s answer, “Yes, I will go out on a date with you.”

The hosts and other guests invited the two on the upper stage and expressed their ‘kilig’ over Marco’s romantic gesture.

Heaven shared that she was surprised to see her partner because she thought he had an event on the same day. Marco admitted that he did have an initial work schedule and had already planned to visit Heaven.

Marco shared his “night to remember” with the actress in another reel showing their fancy date in a fine-dining restaurant. 

A day later, they both posted clips of their arcade date together on their Instagram accounts with the caption: “One for the books”. 

In the reel, the pair can be seen having a casual date at an arcade wearing matching outfits while Paramore’s “I’m Still Into You” played in the background.

Heaven and Marco first paired together in the hit teen romance series The Rain In España. Their upcoming first film together, The Ship Show, is slated to release in cinemas on August 9.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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