Dolly de Leon describes Kathryn Bernardo as ‘young Nora Aunor’


Golden Globe nominee Dolly De Leon compared her co-star Kathryn Bernardo to National Artist for Film Nora Aunor. 

During the media conference for Cinemalaya XIX, Dolly aired her experiences and learnings from working alongside Kathryn for their upcoming dark comedy film, A Very Good Girl. 

According to Dolly, there were similarities between Kathryn and Nora. She commended the younger actress for her humble and friendly attitude while shooting for their film, which was much alike to Nora. 

“Walang kaere-ere, wala at all. In fact, ang nakikita ko talaga sa kanya, honestly, is parang batang Ate Guy. Kasi she’s so friendly. ‘Di ba gano’n si Ate Guy,” Dolly described the similarities of her co-star to the movie legend. 

“She’s always welco­ming and very warm. So that’s what I learned from her, to be a warm person and to be you know, a person for the people,” she continued.

Dolly revealed that they have finished filming 70% of the movie, leaving them only two weeks more to wrap up the shooting. 

The seasoned actress shared that she has learned many things from working with Kathryn.

“Sobrang cool na babae. Ang tingin ko kasi sa kanya dati, parang nerd na parang ano, geek, na parang boring. Cool siya, sobrang cool. She has many facets,” Dolly described her co-star.

“She’s fun to be with. She’s funny. Nakakatawa siya, she’s kalog. She knows a lot. I’m learning a lot from her. Not just about the industry, but a lot of things,” she added. 

A Very Good Girl is slated for release this 2023. 

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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