Annabelle Rama also unfollows Sarah Lahbati, denies liking actress’ New Year post


Annabelle Rama followed suit after her daughter-in-law Sarah Lahbati appeared to have unfollowed husband Richard Gutierrez and his other family members on Instagram. 

The apparent unfollowing spree comes amid persistent rumors of Sarah and Richard’s separation. 

As of Tuesday, Sarah is no longer following Annabelle, Richard, and his siblings Raymond and Ruffa on the platform.

Eagle-eyed netizens also took notice that the actress changed her Instagram name from the initials SLG (Sarah Lahbati-Gutierrez) to Sarah Lahbati. 

A quick check on their Instagram accounts showed that Annabelle, Richard, Raymond, Ruffa have subsequently unfollowed Sarah.

Annabelle recently shocked netizens after she was spotted liking Sarah’s New Year’s Day post featuring her and Richard’s sons in Bohol, despite saying late last year that she was not on speaking terms with the actress.

Annabelle Rama reacts to daughter-in-law Sarah Lahbati’s New Year post 

The Gutierrez matriarch, however, denied liking the said social media post.

“Wala ako nila-like. Bakit ko ila-like?. Alam mo naman ang mga apo ko, ang hilig hiramin ng phone ko. Baka napindot nila,” was quoted as saying in a report by another media outlet

She added that she was too preoccupied with their family activities while vacationing in Japan to check on her social media.

Sarah and Richard, meanwhile, have remained mum and have yet to address the split allegations. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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