Zack Tabudlo reveals mental health ordeal after being romantically linked to Moira dela Torre


By Patricia Dela Roca

TW: suicide

Zack Tabudlo broke his silence to deny any romantic involvement with fellow singer-composer Moira Dela Torre.

Lyricist and composer Lolito Go, a colleague of Moira and her ex-husband Jason Hernandez, recently romantically linked Dela Torre with an unnamed person.

“Dahil nakahanap na rin sya ng pamalit. Someone who will ‘dance in the rain’ with her and call her ‘binibini.’ I’ll leave it to you to guess sino ang tinutukoy ko,” Go said.

This led netizens to speculate if Go was alluding to Zack whose hit song “Binibini” was Spotify’s most streamed song in 2021.

On Wednesday night, Zack addressed the allegations in a lengthy and sensitive post on Facebook, which he revealed affected both his and Moira’s mental states.

According to Zack, he met the couple through a collaboration for the song “Iba” back in January 2022. He eventually became a part of Moira’s circle of friends the following year as they did more activities together.

“Moira was a guest in my tour and did a few shows with me which explains the rehearsals and photos speculating online. We did guestings and promos on social media, which are posts of lyrics from our song. We also took photos together, and basically letting everyone know we had a song together,” Zack clarified after their old photos together resurfaced online and sparked more rumors.

“We all made music together, spent a lot of amazing time, and most importantly built such an amazing relationship with the circle. I, that time was not in my most stable mental state,” Zack shared.

“Work was non stop, the pressure of making music and being one of the top artists, and having to show up everyday for the fans and people who support me through my music.”

“But Moira and her group of friends made me believe that I am loved, and I am someone who was worthy of having real people beside me. That circle and especially Moira, became my family,” he added.

When the news of Moira and Jason’s split reached Zack and their friends, they stood by Moira’s side to give her company.

“Moira reached out to the group and invited everyone for dinner. She needed company and support during those heavy times. we were all in shock of what happened. We were all then leaning into protecting her and giving all of the love she needed,” Zack stated.

Yet more unfortunate events came with their kind actions and support towards Moira. Malicious rumors and allegations surrounded the couple which involved Zack.

Zack reiterated, “I was there for a friend who needed my help and I wanted to give that protection and support that she gave me when I needed it. but that’s not what everyone saw and what everyone knew.”

“I kept quiet but it all became too heavy for me. the pressure, the accusations, the music, my mental state, and everything just crumbled down for me. And I gave up. I couldn’t take it and I committed suicide,“ he added.

“But thank God He gave me another chance. I was in the hospital in a coma unresponsive, and everyone thought I didn’t make it. After hours of them waiting, I woke up in the ER and I was in therapy in the ward for a good amount of time.”

“My family and friends went straight to a tattoo shop, got semi-colon tattoos with me including Moi, and she told us to get bird tattoos as well for me to fly high and never look down forever,” Zack shared.

Allegations were also drawn from old photos of the two showing their matching bird tattoos which netizens were quick to count as a romantic gesture.

When Zack was released from the hospital, he was welcomed by his friends and family.

Zack penned a message to Moira, whom he referred to as the strongest person he had met in his life.

“And I adore her with all my heart. she was one of the people who were there for me during my healing stages in the ward and I will never ever forget how much she’s helped me grow and move pass this phase of mine despite of all the things she went through,” he added.

Zack also thanked everyone who supported his music and hopes his story would inspire people in the same situation to not give up.

Moira earlier had also defended herself against allegations of cheating.

Jason, on the other hand, shared his several attempts to reconcile with Moira following their breakup last year, when the latter’s sister criticized his recently released song that included wedding footage of the two of them in the music video.

The pair wed on January 2019 and ended their marriage on May 2022 after Hernandez was revealed of having an extramarital affair.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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