Andi Eigenmann stuns in fitness progress snaps 


Andi Eigenmann has definitely inspired us to prioritize our health first! 

The actress took to social media to inspire her friends and fans as she shared how her journey towards wellness has been treating her.  

“I’m happy to make it a duty to care for my body because as I grow older, I’ve found that when I take good care of my physical health (inside and out), it spills over into other aspects of my being that are, in hindsight, more of a priority to me,” she wrote.  

In the snaps, Andi smiled from ear-to-ear as she showed off her strong physique.  

She added a tip for her fans: “Keep a good mindset and lay out your priorities to allow yourself to stay in for the long run. Jumping into things can often lead into exhaustion early on. Hope you will be inspired to join me in this too.” 

Back in July of 2022, Andi shared her “1 millionth day 1 workout video,” inspiring her followers once again to push harder in their fitness journeys. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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