ENHYPEN fans ask NAIA staff to ‘do better’ after viral video of ‘improper’ security check  


Fans of K-pop boy group, ENHYPEN, have asked the staff of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to do better after a video of their personnel giggling while doing a body-search on the members went viral.  

The concerned fans’ call to action came on Monday when the members of the group went through a security check at the airport before departing the country.  

In the viral video that disappointed fans online, a female employee appeared to be giggling while doing the security check.  

Most fans also made note that the employee’s reaction was unwarranted, especially when she was doing a body-search on Japanese member Ni-ki who was only 17 years old.  

“No metal detector, no gloves when checking, the checking machine’s alarm didn’t turn off, so there’s no reason to check them. Other staff asking to remove their mask while filming, and checking on them unprofessionally,” one Twitter user said.  

ABS-CBN Entertainment reporter MJ Felipe shared on a Twitter post that the Office of Transportation Security will be issuing a statement and is now investigating the viral video.  

Back in 2020, the Manila International Airport Authority released their guidelines for airport citizens and travelers. One of which stated that security protocols will be done via “no-contact means.” 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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