‘Friends with ex’: Geneva Cruz reunites with ex-husband Paco Arespacochaga


Geneva Cruz believes one can be friends with the ex just like how she is with former husband Paco Arespacochaga.

On Instagram, the singer-actress shared a video of her reuniting with Paco after a long time. 

 “Can exes be good friends with one another? The answer is YES,” Geneva wrote as caption in the video showing her and Paco greeting each other doing a high five. 

“Awesome seeing my only son’s daddy and my good friend Paco this afternoon. This is how we greeted each other,” Geneva spoke of the video where she addressed Paco by his first name Enrico. 

The two can be seen getting along with each other and appeared to have maintained their friendship even after their split many years ago. 

Geneva and Paco had their marriage annulled in 2001 after five years of marriage.

The two have a son named Heaven. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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