Ex-PBB housemate Fumiya Sankai denies having a boyfriend


Japanese vlogger and former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Fumiya Sankai has made some clarifications after netizens speculated about him being in a relationship.

Fumiya recently posted a video doing the sped up “Last Christmas” TikTok dance trend with a guy behind his back, whom some netizens quickly presumed was his boyfriend.

“Finally nireveal mo na jowa mo,” wrote a TikTok user.

“Congrats Fumiya with your boyfriend,” said another.

The abovementioned comments were “liked by creator,” further sparking speculations that Fumiya is dating the guy in the video.

However, Fumiya released another video with the guy he tagged as Kenji, making clear that they are not in a relationship.

“Akala ko my dance is very nice..that’s why it’s trending,” said Fumiya about their video which has five million views as of writing.

“I respect LGBT, but I’m very straight,” stressed Fumiya 

“Straight kami, pero respect kami sa LGBT,” Kenji echoed.

Netizens then aired their reaction over Fumiya’s clarification.

“Bat kasi liked by creator yung comments about ‘is (that) your boyfriend?’ sa video na-confuse tuloy kami,” one wrote. 

“‘Kala ni Fumiya, boyfriend as in lalaking kaibigan/guy friend,” another said.

Fumiya finished as a finalist in the Pinoy Big Brother Otso edition in 2019.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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