Bianca Gonzalez reacts to basher’s comment on her ‘low views’ on Youtube 


Bianca Gonzalez has finally reacted to a netizen’s comment which she described was meant to “insult or bash” her.  

The television host and vlogger took to social media to give her lengthy response on how content creators have different reasons why they make their videos.  

On her Twitter post, she shared a screenshot of her interaction with the netizen who left a comment on her Youtube channel.  

“Walang views ang mga vlog nya,” the comment read.  

In a series of tweets, the celebrity mom explained that she created her channel with different series to “reach out to others and help.” 

“From the start, ang #PaanoBaTo ay para makatulong sa problema’t pinagdadaanan ng tao, to know they are not alone and to know that they will get through it, by sharing stories that inspire and empower,” she said.  

Bianca added that what makes her work on the video-sharing platform is when she’s able to inspire and help her viewers.  

“While it would be great for everyone on Youtube to have millions of views, that is not the reality.  

“I don’t measure my worth as a person with the number of views, subscribers, likes or comments I get. My goal with #PaanoBaTo is to empower people to get through tough times,” she wrote.  

She then advised her fellow content creators who get a few hundred or thousand views as well to remind themselves of their goals.  

“As long as that is clear to you, then other’s comments that have nothing to do with that is just noise,” she ended.  

Bianca started her Youtube channel 5 years ago and has collected over 168,000 subscribers on the platform.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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