Kryz Uy reveals her youngest son needs surgery


YouTuber and influencer Kryz Uy recently uploaded a vlog on her YouTube channel where she shared that her newborn baby needs to undergo surgery. 

In her latest vlog that was uploaded on Sunday, June 17, titled “My baby needs surgery :(,” Kryz told her fans that her second son, Sevi, needs surgery since he has an inguinal hernia, “that requires closure as soon as possible.”

“My worst fear has realized. 😞” Kryz wrote in the description of her video. “It’s not a super rare operation (Thank God), but because he is just 7 weeks old, I can’t bear putting him under this much physical and emotional stress.”

“Unfortunately, we discovered that Sevi has inguinal hernia, and it needs to get operated on. And whenever he cries, it kind of triggers the hernia to bulge out.” the mom-vlogger explained. 

The vlog also stated what an inguinal hernia is. It said that “an inguinal hernia occurs when tissue, such as part of the intestine, protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles.”

Kryz said that it hurts her heart to see Sevi in pain, so every time he fusses a little, her instinct is to hug and hold her child. 

The mom-vlogger also shared more about her son’s condition. 

“Apparently, the testes of a boy starts in his abdomen. Before you give birth, the testes is actually in your abdomen and makes its way down to the inguinal canal,” she said. 

She further explained her son’s condition by saying that there is a hole where the testes pass through and that hole is supposed to close, but in her son’s case, it did not close which is why Sevi has to get operated on. 

“Now every time he kind of strains himself or he cries, part of his intestine goes down that hole,” Kryz added. 

The doctors told Kryz that Sevi needs to get the operation “ASAP”. 

The mom-vlogger said that she was also “happy” to know that hernia is not a really rare disease.

“It happens not often but often enough. It’s kind of like appendicitis lang. Next to appendicitis, hernia is like the next common thing they operate on so they’re kind of confident about it,” she said.

Kryz also said in the description of her video that she’s been researching about the disease all week, even watching some actual operation footage, which according to her was not the best idea as she’s “more freaked out than ever.”

In her vlog, Kryz also shared that her eldest son, Scottie, is also sick.

“He had a fever of 38 and was experiencing cough and colds. Thank God it isn’t Covid. (He is currently recovering well),” she said in the description of her video.