Andi Eigenmann shows all-out support for Philmar Alipayo in 26th Siargao Int’l Surfing Cup


Andi Eigenmann is one supportive fiancée as her husband-to-be Philmar Alipayo showed off his skills at the 26th Siargao International Surfing Cup.  

The actress took to Instagram to pen the sweetest appreciation post for the surfer who made it all the way to the competition’s semifinals.  

“I hope this is a good way to get you to keep believing in yourself! Because you still got this! You are an inspiration to many and I am sooo proud of you mahal ko,” she wrote.  

Andi made mention of how Philmar went up against someone he “loves and respects,” champion surfer Marama Tokong.  

She added: “But what’s most admirable is your good sportsmanship, and how gracefully you accepted the loss and moved on to support your friend. Reminds me why I love you so much.” 

On her Instagram post, she shared the moments from Philmar’s competition performance.  

Meanwhile, the athlete made his own appreciation post for his supportive partner.  

“Ona sa tanan ko gusto ko mag pasalamat sa ako asawa na way undang na support dako! Love you mahal ko,” he wrote.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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