Dani Barretto marks grandmother Hershey Legaspi’s birthday 


Dani Barretto took to social media to share how her grandmother Hershey Legaspi has never failed to be present in her life.  

The content creator made the sweet Instagram post to mark the birthday of her “momsy.” 

“My Mama, who’s present in all the milestones of my life, and now Millie’s. I can’t thank you enough, Mama. Now it’s my turn to take care you and spoil you rotten. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people on earth,” she wrote.  

In the caption, Dani wrote down all the efforts her grandmother has put in from when she was younger and up until today.  

Dani is the daughter of Marjorie Barretto and her estranged father Kier Legaspi. Just last year, the social media influencer opened up to celebrity doctor Vicki Belo that it has been seven years since she last saw her father.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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