Marjorie Barretto assures daughter Julia she ‘will protect, never betray’ her


Marjorie Barretto took to social media to share this touching message for her daughter Julia who recently spoke up about her relationship with her father Dennis Padilla.  

The celebrity mom’s message expressed her love and how proud she is of her second daughter just days after Julia made her statement during an interview with broadcast journalist Karen Davila.  

Marjorie wrote: “Dearest Jul, I LOVE you with the kind of love that you can trust. Love that you can depend on, and the kind that will protect you and never betray you. 

“Maybe you need to hear this today… I am so proud of you, Juli. I am so blessed to be able to call you my child. Here we go again, back in our family bubble shutting off the noise outside. Only choosing to be grateful for the good things that is in front of us.” 

Julia recently revealed she is not on speaking terms again with her father after their reconciliation almost two years ago.  

She explained: “Hindi ko ipagkakait ang forgiveness but I’m just not ready. I think, there’s just been so much pain over the years since I was young, so parang I got tired of the same thing.” 

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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