Netizens feel kilig over Donnalyn Bartolome’s ‘handcuff challenge’ with JM De Guzman


Donnalyn Bartolome and JM De Guzman brought kilig to netizens with their unlikely pairing in the Youtuber’s recent vlog. 

For the Dare Donna segment on her Youtube channel, Donnalyn invited the actor whom she introduced as a friend, to take on the 24-hour “extreme handcuffed challenge”.

The two had each of their hands handcuffed and were inseparable for a day while doing daily routines such as eating, brushing teeth and sleeping.

JM almost made Donna back out from the challenge when he told her that he needed to take a shower.

Netizens, meanwhile, couldn’t help but notice the two’s “undeniable chemistry” in the video. 

In the latter part of the video, Donnalyn surprised JM with a vlogging camera, since the actor just recently launched his own Youtube channel.

Donnalyn, who’s been single for two years, also asked netizens to give her and JM an idea on what they should do for his vlog, except jowa challenge.

“Parang lagi na lang kasi ganun eh, maiba naman,” said Donnalyn.

“Delikado kasi yung mga ganun eh,” she added.

In a previous vlog, JM also took on Donnalyn’s jojowain or totropahin Q&A, where he chose “jojowain” for the actress-vlogger.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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