LOOK: Philmar Alipayo’s baby girl Lilo rides waves in Siargao 


Champion surfer Philmar Alipayo’s daughter Lilo is becoming more and more like her dad every day! 

The proud dad couldn’t help but share the snaps of him riding the waves with his brave two-year-old.  

“Surfer na sab ako,” he wrote in the caption.  

As the photos showed, Philmar was holding on to his and fiancée Andi Eigenmann’s daughter as they both stood tall on their surfboard.  

The celebrity mom was just as proud as her husband-to-be of their daughter’s growth out in the island. In a past social media post, Andi gushed over Lilo’s developing swimming skills.  

“Lilo has been leveling up on her swimming skills by the day, and I see that its having playmates around and being able to do fun activities in the water that motivate her to do so. Like surfing!” she wrote.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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