Sharon Cuneta receives pendant with Fanny Serrano’s ashes 


Sharon Cuneta has received a pendant with the ashes of her friend, celebrity makeup artist and stylist Fanny Serrano.  

The Megastar shared that Fanny’s daughter, Maktin Miranda, was the one who gifted her the precious necklace.  

“Tita Fanny’s daughter gave me this. The sealed pendant/locket holds abit of Tita Fanny’s ashes. Thank you, Fatfat. This will forever be precious to me,” she wrote in the caption.  

It was in early May when it was announced that Fanny passed away at the age of 74. Sharon was one of the many celebrities who expressed their grief over his death.  

On an Instagram post, she penned a tribute expressing her love and gratitude for her “Tita Fanny”.  

“The hands that made me feel and look beautiful for over thirty years, even when I didn’t think I did. Thank you, my dearest TF, my Tita Fanny, for your love, friendship, loyalty and for all the laughter we shared. Thank you for wiping so many tears quietly as they poured from my eyes on so very many occasions over all these three decades,” she said.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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